About Our Flowers

Locally Grown

We are a tiny urban farm in St Louis Park, Minnesota dedicated to providing seasonal flowers to our local market. On our small urban plot we plant, grow, harvest, and design everything we sell. We are committed to being a pollinator-friendly farm, and to building bountiful soil with sustainable organic farming practices. We also believe in sharing our gardening experience to help create more beautiful, productive urban spaces.

Seasonal Flowers

We select seeds and plants that will create floral arrangements with charming personalities, full of color and curious textures. Each week brings different flowers into the height of their bloom, and treats us to new ingredients for our floral designs and bouquets.

Our Mission

  • Contribute to the availability of locally grown flowers (read why this is important below)

  • Create designs that brighten, inspire, and convey our passion for growing a beautiful and productive garden

Between April and October we grow over 80 types of flowers that we find useful. With all those plants to harvest from, our designs are always interesting and change from week to week depending on what’s in perfect condition to pick. We grow plants that we love, and that we know will add a dose of charm and inspiration to your day.

  • Encourage a more beautiful and productive use of urban lots

We do not share a love for grassy, over-fertilized, over-watered lawns--which is why we’ve spent the last four summers removing the lawn from our urban lot (we’re still working on it) and replacing it with beneficial, productive gardens that create beautiful flowers for our customers. We hope that by creating something beautiful and productive in our neighborhood it will inspire others to transform part of their yards into more beneficial plantings.

Why are locally grown flowers better? A bouquet of locally grown flowers transports your senses with the color, texture, movement, and fragrance of the blooms. It's an instant garden retreat in your home, and that is something you cannot get from an stiff, bland, imported bouquet. Unfortunately, most of the flowers you buy at supermarkets and large florists are all imported flowers, usually from South America, which means the stems are cut many days or weeks before they ever make it into a bouquet. The flowers that these growers produce are bred for their ability to withstand rough handling and transport, and a long storage life. That's why you see the exact same imported flowers everywhere. Start looking more carefully at those mixed bouquets at the supermarket and you'll see that the ingredients rarely change, it's just about always mums, asters, a few spray roses, alstromeria, maybe a lily or a few carnations. When a flower farmer doesn't have to ship their flowers and store them for days or weeks, they are free to grow a vast variety of flowers that have more sensual characteristics than a sturdiness for transport and a long storage life. For example, here at Jan's Artisan Garden we grow fragrant heirloom roses, bells of Ireland, rudbeckias, dahlias, snapdragons, and many varieties of flowers that are too tedious for multiple days of commercial transport. Also, because we only supply our local market, the vast majority of our blooms are cut and sold within 24-48 hours, which ensures they have the maximum vase life possible. We harvest by hand in the cool of the morning or just before sunset, all our hand-harvest techniques focus on preserving the beauty of each type of flower so that it can brighten your space for many days (and many times well over a week).

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About Us

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When Janice was growing up, she wanted to work with plants. Since she was a little girl, she loved nature facts and gardening in her yard, eventually working at Bachman’s while in school, and finally going to school for plant cell biology. Janice is a big-time flower nerd. It is not, and never was, just a love of flowers, but rather an obsession with the life-cycle of the plant and wanting to understand and be a part of the entire journey.


For a decade after college, Janice took a detour from science and pursued a career in fine art painting, eventually meeting Jon at his art gallery in Minneapolis. They moved to their home in St Louis Park a couple years later, and with a hundred dollar tiller, some big ideas, and a vendetta against grass, they slowly ripped up their entire backyard and embarked on a whole new journey.

Janice has returned to her roots. She gets to play in the dirt, but more so, she gets to use and continue to grow her extensive knowledge of plants, as well as use her artistic sense of space, color, and composition to assemble whimsical and stunning arrangements and bouquets.