What We're Growing in 2018

It's a difficult task choosing what to grow when we want to grow everything. Unfortunately, we don't have space for an apple orchard, fifty Meyer lemon trees, a pumpkin patch, or even to try all the types of basil from my favorite seed supplier (which is Johnny's selected seed and they have over twenty varieties of basil this year), so some decisions have to be made, and as of mid-February here is the list of flowers and herbs we plan to grow from seed this season. I'm still on the fence about which vegetables and greens, so check back soon and we might have made a decision by then.

Flowers and herbs:

  • Amaranth (red spike, and hot biscuits)
  • Anise hyssop
  • Aster (summer aster)
  • Artichoke (colorado star)
  • Basil (aromatto, red rubin, and Mrs. Burn's Lemon)
  • Bee balm (Bergamo)
  • Borage
  • Bupleurum
  • Calendula (zeolights and alpha)
  • Celosia (pampus plume mix)
  • Cerinthe
  • Chamomile (bodegold)
  • Cosmos (white fizz and bicolor violet)
  • Culinary Sage
  • Dianthus (volcano mix, and amazon purple)
  • Dill
  • Foxglove (camelot mix)
  • Helianthus (many varieties)
  • Hyacinth bean
  • Iceland poppy (pastel meadows mix)
  • Lavender (ellagance purple and hidcote)
  • Love-in-a-mist (albion black pod, persian violet, and bridal veil)
  • Marjoram (wild)
  • Matricaria  (vegmo, and white magic)
  • Mexican mint marigold
  • Nicotiana (limegreen, and jasmine alata)
  • Orlaya
  • Queen Anne's Lace (dara)
  • Rudbeckia (goldilocks and cherokee sunset mix)
  • Salvia (marble arches)
  • Scabiosa (black night for flowers)
  • Scabiosa (moon pod)
  • Shirley poppy (mother of pearl)
  • Snapdragons (Chantilly, Madam Butterfly, and Potomac series)
  • Sunflowers (TBD varieties)
  • Zinnia (queen lime and giant dahlia flowering series in creamy yellow, orange, and crimson)

We also have a few herb plants coming in from an organic herb supplier in California, which we will immediately, with much ceremony, plant into our garden. I always have to remind myself that we have perennials (how can I forget the roses?), and bulbs (tulips and allium) that add to our floral arrangements too, and this year we are trying a few varieties of dahlias which should add something especially beautiful to our late summer designs.


Janice Reuland