Dazzling Dahlias: 2-4 Weeks Aug-Sept

Dazzling Dahlias: 2-4 Weeks Aug-Sept

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What it is: our dahlias are downright decadent. Treat yourself or your loved ones to these gasp-inducing blooms paired with other seasonal flowers in beautiful arrangements. We apologize in advance for the lost hours spent longingly staring at your fabulous flowers.

Please note: The exact varieties of dahlias you’ll receive will be a surprise (and likely not the exact ones pictured…we order new varieties every year!), but we pride ourselves on our guarantee that we only sell flowers that we believe will be beautiful, unique, & long-lasting (though please know dahlias do not last QUITE as long as some of our other blooms). If you ever aren’t 100% happy with the looks or life-span what you buy, we’ll absolutely refund in full.

Dates & Pickup: Our dahlias will be available for August & September only! We will have pickup for them Saturdays at Fulton Farmers Market and Sunday at Kingfield Farmers Market. Learn more below.

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Saturdays at Fulton (49th & Chowen)


Sundays at Kingfield (43rd & Nicollet)