Two Tulip Trip: 2 Weeks Late May

Two Tulip Trip: 2 Weeks Late May


What it is: Our tulips are probably unlike anything you’ve seen here in MN and will be the perfect something to look forward to after MN’s inevitably long winter. The varieties we planted will make huge, beautiful tulips with florist quality blooms and will be arranged with other flowers to fill your sad, empty vase.

Please note: The exact varieties of tulips you’ll receive will be a surprise (and likely not the exact ones pictured…we order new varieties of tulips every year!), but we pride ourselves on our guarantee that we only sell flowers that we believe will be beautiful, unique, & long-lasting. If you ever aren’t 100% happy with the looks or life-span what you buy, we’ll absolutely refund in full.

Dates & Pickup: Our tulips will be available for two weeks only! We will have pickup for them Saturdays May 18th and May 25th at the Fulton Farmers Market.

If you still have questions, email us!

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Dates: May 18th & May 25th ONLY

Fulton (49th & Chowen)