Trial Garden 2017

We didn't start our trial garden until July, and we had no idea how much was possible from such a late start, but I am so glad we did! We ended up with buckets sunflowers, cerinthe, roses, and all sorts of zinnias, not to mention mini romaine lettuce that would steal the show at any dinner party. That mini romaine lettuce and bibb lettuce stayed in the ground--until Oct 25th! With just a light row cover we were able to keep the frost damage at bay. My favorite zinnias came from a cactus flowering mix, it's a creamy pink buff color that darkened as the flower matured. Just delightful, and we had zinnias well into mid-October along with some deadly gorgeous garden roses. If I had an army of gardeners to do my bidding I would have them all growing hundreds of fragrant garden roses all season (btw it would take an army since we handpick japanese beetles off of our plants--that's how committed we are to being pollinator friendly). I would say we had more success than we planned for, specifically, about 216 heads of mini romaine lettuce too many, but at least we know what's possible now.